Friendship celebrated their 50th anniversary the first week of October 2022

How did it start?

Throughout our 50 years of faithful service, we have moved forward by having a dream, serving others, building community, and trusting in God. Our roots can be traced back to the 18th century in Ireland where Nano Nagle began helping the poor and needy. She founded the presentation Sisters in 1775, and their ministry eventually spread to the Fargo area. In 1964, Pastor Edward Tornow moved with his family to the Fargo-Moorhead community and had a dream of expanding disability services in our area which would include his son Eddie. Pastor Tornow joined hands with the Convent and his dream and vision came to fruition in the early 1970s starting what we know today as Friendship.


Our celebration week started with a ribbon cutting ceremony followed by open houses in Fargo and Grafton. During the week, staff and people supported received commemorative gifts, Friendship history, and decade-themed snacks. The highlight of our week was our formal gala celebration. Over 200 people were in attendance at this event which highlighted Friendship’s past,
present, and future through ten guest speakers and a video presentation. We also displayed many newspaper clippings, photos, and artifacts that shaped our identity. It was great to see so much support from community members and friends of Friendship at all of our events. This is a reason why Friendship’s ministry has been successful and how it will continue to be successful.

Our celebrations throughout the week paid tribute to Friendship’s pioneers and founders like the Arc, the Presentation Sisters, Pastor Tornow, Katherine Moe, Sister Rosaria, and so many others. Friendship leaders visited the Presentation Sisters to deliver a small gift, share memories, and say thank you for helping start our ministry while giving us wisdom, support, and prayers.

When our week of celebration concluded, Friendship staff said they have never been more proud to work at Friendship after they learned more about our history, our passionate founders, and success stories. We hope to have inspired everyone who participated in our celebration of 50 years of faithful service, including current and former staff, parents, guardians, community members, area business leaders, board members, and people supported.

A glimpse of our awesome anniversary event